Wednesday, 21 October 2009

...a quirk of English people.

"To English people, Europe functions as a strange alternative universe. English people tend to choose a European country to express the suppressed part of their personality. So people who would like to be more arty and passionate become obsessed with Italy. People who'd like to be more intellectual and sophisticated become obsessed with France. The obsession with Spain has to do with feeling that at heart you're really a let-your-hair-down type of person. And this is, of course, so antithetical to the character of Vivian. She's absolutely the perfect person to be obsessed with Spain. In my mind, her obsession is very true to life as a quirk of English people."
Rachel Cusk's "In the Fold"

Rachel Cusk is regarded as one of Britain's most brilliant young writers. 
Her life has been a tortuous journey through an isolated, illness-plagued childhood, a failed first marriage and a personal battle for independence. Rachel was born in 1967 to English Catholic parents in Canada, the second of four children.

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