Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Глазированые пряники.

"Тихим вечером, медленно тающим..."

В моем детстве они были толстые...медовые.
Mantecados de Portillo. (manteca sp.- сливочное масло ). Популярные в Вальядолид... столица Испании в XVI —XVII вв.

Portillo muffins, Castilian, from Valladolid...is the capital of Spain's largest province, Castile-Leon.
Mantecados de Portillo (Valladolid) are very famous pastries throughout the province. They are called mantecados because the dough requires lard (manteca) as well as wine or liquor, eggs and cinnamon.
The mantecados come in elliptical shapes and are covered in a thick coating of sugar which provides their characteristic white colour. They are floury in the mouth, like other similar pastries, and are very sweet and delicate on the tongue.

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