Monday, 26 April 2010

Spring morning.

Виноград Куанье, или японский (Vitis coignetiae)
Vitis coignetiae, crimson glory vine.
Commonly called crimson glory vine for its spectacular fall color of brilliant red. The large heart shaped leaves are a meduim green during the growing season. In autumn when they turn fiery red, gold and orange, the effect is amazing. Grows fast in moist soils in full sun to light shade.

Bears Garlic is also known as Wild Garlic or Ramsons. "Eat leeks in Lide [March] and ramsons [wild garlic] in May And all the year after the physicians may play."
(Old English Proverb)

Alchemilla mollis, Lady's Mantle

Tulip 'Ballerina'

Tulip 'Queen of the Night'

So...Spring morning in my garden!

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