Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bulbarrow Hill, Dorset.

We decided to head for Bulbarrow Hill that, at 899ft (274m), is the second-highest point in Dorset and a fine viewpoint. From the car park the view stretches northwards across the patchwork landscape of Blackmoor Vale to the distant Black Down and Quantock Hills. The hill is a popular launch site for paragliders.
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Bulbarrow Hill
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Bulbarrow Hill-1
Bulbarrow Hill-20
Bulbarrow Hill-14
Bulbarrow Hill-6
Bulbarrow Hill-9
Bulbarrow Hill-18
Bulbarrow Hill-4
Bulbarrow Hill-5
Bulbarrow Hill-38
Bulbarrow Hill-39
Bulbarrow Hill-40
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Bulbarrow  Hill
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